Do you want to know one of the most innovative cities in the world, but from the inside?

Not just getting into MIT, for example, but also having the experience of sitting in their classrooms and taking classes with entrepreneurs, scientists, directors and people who are leading innovation in this City?

One of these foundations is the Richi Childhood Cancer Foundation, born in 2013 in the heart of Boston, whose mission is to improve the prognosis and treatment of pediatric cancer that every year affects more than 300,000 children and adolescents around the world. The Richi Foundation’s disruptive fundraising strategy is based on the development of impact initiatives in verticals as relevant as education and entrepreneurship in which it tries to add value to society as a result of its consolidated position in the Massachusetts innovation ecosystem.

This program will take place for one week from Sunday, July 16 to 23, 2023 in Massachusetts, in partnership with the Richi Foundation in Boston.

It will be a week of immersion in the scientific entrepreneurship ecosystem of Boston, one of the most innovative cities in the world.

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