The start to a better world is our belief that it is possible…


And then, what follows is having the right skills make it happen.


The GENERACIÓN VERDE LATAM alliance is a transformative initiative designed to make a significant difference in environmental education in Latin America.

Latin America, rich in biodiversity and natural resources, faces crucial environmental challenges.

GENERACIÓN VERDE LATAM not only addresses these challenges but also capitalizes on the unique opportunity to shape young minds committed to sustainability.

Climate education is not only essential for the well-being of the planet but also represents an investment in the human capital needed to address the complex environmental and social problems of the 21st century.

This ambitious project aims to empower 1 million YOUTH in the region by 2030, cultivating a conscious and active generation in the fight against climate change.

By joining this program, partners not only support education but also contribute to the training of environmental leaders who will drive innovative and sustainable solutions in their communities and beyond. This is not just an educational program; it is a strategic investment in a more sustainable and resilient future for Latin America and the world.

Join us on this transformative journey and collaborate to educate, inspire, and build a better tomorrow!»




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