Catalizamos el cambio sostenible a través de la educación y el emprendimiento. Ver Resumen 2019

Catalizamos el cambio sostenible a través de la educación y el emprendimiento. Ver Resumen 2019

¿What is Innova-Nation?

Program and movement that promotes entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability in children and young people, which is composed of: Trainings and workshops, Global Activation in favor of the SDGs, Intercollegiate Entrepreneurship Contest, Immersion Programs in Ecosystems and a Festival of 2 days.

Entrepreneurship has proven to be one of the engines of the World Economy, mobilizing various gears within society. For this reason, INNOVA-NATION is committed to training the new Generation of Social Entrepreneurs and at the same time serving as a means to amplify the impact of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals agreed by the UN Member States.

In our programs, young people create their own products, present their ideas in public, polish persuasion techniques and teamwork. The methodology is created to encourage creative thinking and promote innovation from the DesignThinking process, with a focus on sustainability and based on STEAM subjects.

At the Festival, children from an early age are contagious and interested in a different world full of challenges and innovation, technology and sustainability.

Our Mission:

Catalyze sustainable change, through Entrepreneurship and Education

Our Team

Karin Sempf

Founding Director

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Karin is a mother, wife, lawyer, speaker and businesswoman.

She co-founder and Executive Director of Initia Panama, a Relocation and Real Estate company, dedicated to offering “stress-free relocations”, with real estate and legal services focused on the establishment of foreigners to Panama.

Convinced of the power of Entrepreneurship and Education, she created the INNOVA-NATION FEST in 2018, with the mission of catalyzing sustainable change in the world and training the next generation of SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS.

She is a fellow of the Vital Voices Foundation, Global Partnership in the VVGROW 2015-2016 program, an international business accelerator for women entrepreneurs.

She is a member of the Board of Directors of Vital Voices of Panamá, through which she is part of the National Entrepreneurship Council and supervises the Economic Empowerment and Mentoring Program.

Recipient of the “Mujeres Tras un Sueño” Award, of the Women Gala “Mujeres que dejan Huellas”, of the Association of Professional Women of Panama. Named as a Successful Youth by La Prensa. Member of the DWEN (Dell Women Entrepreneurship Network). Founding member of the Regional Network of Mentors of SICA.

Leybis Flores

Marketing Director

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Leybis has a degree in International Business, a specialization in Strategic Management and a Master’s in International Marketing. She is passionate about marketing, especially when it comes to applying it to boost new entrepreneurs. She loves helping others and within her topics and causes of interest is education and the empowerment of youth and women.

She is Co-Founder of Impulso Marketing Studio, a boutique digital marketing agency. Currently, she is working on a project to raise awareness and reduce food waste.

Susana García

Marketing Sub-director

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Susana has a degree in Business Administration, a specialization in Corporate Finance and a master’s degree in International Marketing. She is co-founder of Impulso Marketing Studio, a boutique digital marketing agency.

A lover of design and entrepreneurship, she loves to promote small entrepreneurs.

Ana Cristina Aguilera

Instructional Director

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Ana Cristina is a psychologist graduated from the USMA

She has a Master’s Degree in Intervention in Learning Difficulties, Special Education and Therapeutic Psychopedagogy at ISEP (Instituto Superior de Estudios Psicológicas, Madrid).

Professional experience in educational area.

Our Impact

Here you can review some statistics about our Education Center


from different schools that have been trained in entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainability and finance.


and prototypes presented by students


reached during festivals


organizations and NGOs involved

Creation of a community that involves parents, teachers, students, schools, government entities and private companies, aware of the impact of these initiatives on young people.

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