The “Entrepreneurship is the ability to initiate, create and launch a project through the identification of ideas and opportunities, analyzing exogenous factors (economic, social, environmental and political) as well as endogenous (ability to have people like this as well as physical and financial resources).

Entrepreneurship is carried out by dynamic people who have communication skills, leadership skills and a positive attitude. These people offer different alternatives through the creation of initiatives that can be of different nature. These initiatives are, in turn, capable of generating wealth. ”

Adapted from the Human and Machine Institute

We add in INNOVA-NATION: “These initiatives are, in turn, capable of generating wealth and creating social, cultural and environmental IMPACT in our communities.”


Entrepreneurs are born and made. At INNOVA-NATION, we develop and grow the skills of those who were already born with them and those who were not, we ignite the spark and the interest to undertake.

Our virtual educational program that seeks to inspire and equip young people between the ages of 12 and 18 with tools, a new generation of social entrepreneurs. The course is focused on 3 pillars: leadership development, entrepreneurship and sustainability, and each module provides the student with the opportunity to learn and apply these concepts to the real world.

We use a series of methodologies, such as project-based learning, flipped classroom, gamification, learning by playing and cooperative learning through the different sessions, both in classes and in “digital parking lots”, all adapted for virtuality, with which we achieve maximum interaction with our students to capture their attention, enthusiasm and commitment. Additionally, we have the participation of renowned professionals for each module, thus ensuring that the information provided is always the most up-to-date.

We invite young people aged 12-18 years (7th to 12th grade) from Schools in Panama and Latin America to participate in one of the only social entrepreneurship courses that exist at the regional level focused on creating young leaders committed to their growth and the development of their creativity, skills necessary to face the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The course is just the beginning because once entered, they will be part of the INNOVA-NATION community, which is the product of the young people with whom we have worked, their ideas about leadership, sustainability and entrepreneurship. The course is also a prerequisite to participate in the annual INNOVANATION PITCH CHALLENGE contest, in which teams of students present their ideas of social entrepreneurship in front of a jury made up of diverse professionals.

Innova-Nators love to learn and discover new things

The program will consist of a combination of classes by modules and face-to-face by videoconferences, as well as “digital parkings” with special guests.

The course has the following modules:

El curso cuenta con los siguientes módulos:

I. What is Entrepreneurship? What is a Start-Up?

Students will understand the concept of entrepreneur, innovator, small business, start-up.

Trainers: Cristina Collazos (Ciudad del Saber)  y Karin Sempf

II. Leadership and Mindset.

A new type of leader is needed to face the challenges we face as a planet and society. We explore the 9 skills and mindsets that the Leader of the Future needs to have.

Trainer: Karin Sempf (Innova-Nation)

III. Finance for Entrepreneurship

To be a successful entrepreneur, you must understand financial concepts and how to make a profit. In this module, the student will be able to learn about some essential elements such as capital, expenses, profitability.

Trainer: Francisco Quijada (Banistmo)

IV. Social Entrepreneurship. Sustainability from the perspective of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Introduction to the 2030 Agenda, understanding it as a roadmap to achieve sustainability on the planet. In this module, students will be able to learn about each objective, through dynamics, virtual meetings, videos, exchange with students from other countries. The objective of this module is to understand each SDG and the impact on their lives, communities.

Trainer: Karla Mola (Sumarse)

V. Design Thinking Process

Used by the most innovative companies to develop successful, user-based products and services. Students will receive a Virtual Design Thinking Workshop. The Workshop encourages empathy, active observation, ideation, prototyping of products and services with special emphasis on the user.

Trainer: Ana Lucía Escobar (Mis Fortalezas)

VI. Marketing

Having a good product or service is only part of the process. In this module, young people will learn to speak to their ideal client and develop marketing campaigns that make an impact.

Trainer: Leybis Flores (Impulso Marketing Studio)

VII. Business Model Canvas

Innovation is not just about technology. The way to develop a business model or to simplify processes is a way to innovate. In this module students will learn the concept of the Canvas Business Model and how to develop it.

Trainer: Cristina Collazos (City of Knowledge)

VIII. Effective Communication and Presentations

For an entrepreneur, knowing how to express her ideas appropriately can represent the difference between an investment in her project or not even getting off the ground. In this module we will be analyzing the best effective communication techniques, public presentations, pitching and persuasion.

Trainer: Carlos Cardona (Emprender Pasión)

IX. Social Innovation

Students will have the opportunity to understand social problems to create novel solutions through a methodology designed to achieve results and build a website to present their ideas.

X.Digital Parking

  • Boost your creativity with Katherine Shahani – Ladypreneur
  • Habits to Win – Indhira Moquete de Ramos – Leader in Me
  • Carlos Chamorro – Technological advances for the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Panel on social entrepreneurship: Fernando Brito
  • Digital tools for progress: website construction, video / photo creation for storytelling

Las clases serán impartidas 3 VECES POR SEMANA:

Lunes, miércoles y viernes a las 4:00 p.m.

COURSE START: June 21, 2021


Classes will be held 3 times a week:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4:00 p.m. at 5.00 p.m. Panama / Peru time

3 pm to 4 pm Costa Rica / El Salvador

(some sessions may be extended)

Students will enter an LMS-type platform and classes will be taught by Zoom. 

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Una vez culminada la etapa formativa, los estudiantes podrán formar sus equipos para participar del Innova-Nation Pitch Challenge, Concurso Intercolegial.


Una vez inscritos como EQUIPOS, los estudiantes que formen parte del Concurso recibirán más entrenamientos y acompañamiento con un Mentor o Mentora que los guiará en el proceso de desarrollar su idea de producto o servicio diseñado desde la sostenibilidad.

Entrenamientos adicionales:

  • Incentivando el pensamiento creativo
  • Entendiendo el impacto de los ODS en el mundo POST-COVID


Cada equipo tendrá la oportunidad de hacer un pitch de 3 minutos de su producto o servicio ideado en base a retos de sostenibilidad que la Organización lance durante el Curso. Los ganadores recibirán premios y asesorías adicionales.

El Innova-NationPitch Challenge se llevará a cabo virtualmente durante la semana global de emprendimiento en noviembre 2021. La fecha se confirmará posteriormente.

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